Couples Counseling

Reasons to go to couples counselling:

  • Communication Issues: as a couple you may struggle with effective communication, leading to misunderstandings, conflicts, or a breakdown in connection.
  • Conflict Resolution: as a couple you may find yourselves in repetitive patterns of conflict or disagreement, unable to resolve issues effectively on their own.
  • Intimacy and Connection: as a couple you may experience a lack of intimacy or emotional connection in your relationship, leading to feelings of loneliness or dissatisfaction.
  • Infidelity or Betrayal: you may be grappling with the aftermath of infidelity or other breaches of trust.
  • Life Transitions: Major life changes such as becoming parents, empty nesting, career changes, relocation, or retirement can strain a relationship.
  • Parenting Challenges: you may struggle with parenting differences, disciplinary conflicts, or disagreements about child-rearing practices.
  • Cultural or Religious Differences: you come from diverse cultural or religious backgrounds may face challenges related to differing values, beliefs, or traditions.
  • Loss or Grief: you may be coping with the loss of a loved one, a miscarriage, or other significant losses.
  • Relationship Enrichment: Even couples in healthy relationships can benefit from therapy to deepen their connection, strengthen their bond, and learn new ways to nurture their partnership.

Couples counselling supports you in reframing your relationship.