Purpose and Focus

The main goal of coaching is to help individuals identify their goals, develop strategies, and take specific steps to achieve those goals. Coaching often focuses on professional goals, personal development and improving once performance.

Time frame and duration

Coaching sessions are often short-term and focused on specific goals. They may include a limited number of sessions, depending on the needs and agreement between the coach and the client.

Training and Licensing

As therapists, we are licensed to work as coaches thanks to our many years of training. I make a clear distinction between coaching and therapy sessions.

Problems and challenges

Coaching is well suited to tackling specific challenges in professional or personal life, such as career development, stress management, time management or improving interpersonal skills.

My focus in coaching is:

  • Preparation for interviews and assessments
  • Dealing with intercultural environments
  • Management and executive coaching
  • Personality and career development
  • Self-knowledge/self-discovery

I have extensive experience in various industries, including the food and beverage as well as the hospitality industries, advertising, plant engineering, law firms and headhunting.