Having been an expat myself, I see first-hand the work, family and general life stress that can often co-exist with living abroad.

You are separated from your family, your friends and your home country.  You miss a lot of the ‘little’ things like your favorite foods, sporting events, stores, and neighborhoods, which I know can add up and suddenly go from no big deal to profound homesickness.

People and families in your situation also experience other serious problems like coping with depression, marital difficulties, and loss of loved one or missing out of an important event taking place back home.

I provide access to professional therapy as native English speaker who understands the cultural nuances and perspectives we bring to the world around us.

Please feel free to contact me if you feel the need for me to accompany you on your journey.

Theresa E. Coreth | Licensed psychotherapist in training under supervision*
Dynamic Group Therapy

+43 664 532 9577 | practice@theresacoreth.com

A licensed psychotherapist in training under supervision (ÖAGG Fachsektion GDDG) I provide psychotherapy and counseling to individuals, couples and groups in my private practice. I was born in Vienna, Austria (1967) and raised across continents (Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas). I started my work life in Chicago IL in the corporate business. Approximately 24 years ago I repatriated to my passport country and while continuing to work in the corporate field I started my training to become a professional psychotherapist. During this period I got the opportunity to train at the psychiatric clinic (Otto-Wagner-Spital) and a general hospital (Rudolfstiftung).

* Psychotherapist in training under supervision means that I am in the last phase of my psychotherapy training. Supervision exists for two reasons: to protect clients and to improve the ability of counsellors to provide value to their clients. Information shared in supervision is itself protected under a contract of confidentiality and will not be shared outside the supervision relationship.

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