My identity went

Did you follow your spouse to this new country? He/she is occupied in his new work challenges. He/she has his colleagues at work to socialize. You are lonely! You feel lost! “Reach out” seek help; do not let it become a mental health issue.

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For Third Culture Kids

Are you a third culture kid? Is your partner one? TCKs are different than those persons that grew up in a one culture environment. They thrive on the new, on the unowned and tend to keep all their options open. How do I finally call my home a permanent home, how do I finally commit? These are some of the questions that might go through TCKs heads. Being one myself and having committed to call my home a steady place to stay, I understand what process TCKs have to go through.

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Let's Talk Mental Health

This article has some really nice tips on what to do if you are feeling the blues. If your situation does not resolve through these tips, you might need professional help and a person that can accompany you to make adjustments to your new situation, new environment and new culture.

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